Aquaculture Operations Support

AquaBioTech Group seeks to assist clients through every step of their business and provide timely information to clients so that their actions can be proactive and ahead of the competition and proactively address all the challenges that might arise.

Design and engineering make an aquaculture facility work, and good management makes it successful. AquaBioTech Group believes that it is our responsibility to not only provide the hardware to our clients, but also our knowledge of the efficient operation and management of the facilities we service.

AquaBioTech Group’s systems come with a number of additional services as standard:
  • Start-up Support
  • Training manuals
  • Maintenance schedules
  • On-site training by our staff
  • Daily checklists and task lists
  • Standardisation & Documentation
  • Technical passports of all components
  • Training of facility staff at our facilities
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Remote assistance for troubleshooting
  • System documentation & set-points for operation
  • Remote access to water quality data for diagnostics


AquaBioTech Group systems come with full and comprehensive documentation on system configuration, operation and maintenance. The regular tasks of operation and maintenance are summarised in concise tasks list, and detailed information on the procedures is provided in a set of client-specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

As part of the service, we provide full technical training for the operational staff at newly built aquaculture facilities. See more information on Education and Training


Management Contracts

AquaBioTech Group carries out medium and long-term management contracts for hatcheries, grow-out operations and research facilities. As a contract manager of public and private research and on-growing facilities AquaBioTech Group emphasises in establishing research and operation strategies that are looking at the benefits to society, the research community and the industry as well as reinforce national and strategies through a close to the market philosophy. As part of this it has established its own innovation management approach internally whereby the facilities become centres for excellence and innovation.