ABT Fisheries

ABT Fisheries is part of AquaBioTech Group and provides a broad range of services in fisheries science. Our expertise encompasses several disciplines enabling us to carry out research, conservation, and commercial activities. We undertake projects in collaboration with international research institutions, governmental agencies, NGOs, and the private sector.

Our team includes specialists with a wide of expertise and technical experience, providing a multi-disciplinary approach to the development and implementation of projects.

Natural Resource Assessment and Management  

Offering a comprehensive service from the initial assessment of the resource including survey design and data collection, to the implementation of appropriate management strategies and subsequent monitoring.

Scientific and Research Services

ABT Fisheries offers an integrated service for developing and performing fishery field surveys, sample collection and data analysis. The team has the expertise to collect biometric data such as weight, length and sex, the team is also experienced in processing biological samples, including:

  • Gonads for determining maturity stage
  • Otolith and spine for ageing
  • Stomach contents for gut content analysis
  • Tissue samples for genetic analysis and stable isotope analysis

Environmental Impact Assessment in Aquatic Environments

Conducting a wide range of environmental impact assessments in aquatic environments working in synergy with the capabilities offered by ABT Marine and in house facilities. Projects include, among others, the assessment of fishing activities' impact on protected and threatened species, fishing gear effectiveness on target and non-target species, coastal development impact on fisheries resources, etc.

Marine Policy and Planning

ABT Fisheries provides technical and scientific advice to NGOs, Governmental agencies, and the private sector as well as guidance on the preparation of policy frameworks. ABT Fisheries also coordinates and facilitates the involvement of multiple stakeholders within consensus-building processes.

Market Analysis and Socio-economic Surveys

ABT Fisheries undertakes market analysis and socio-economic surveys to improve fisheries knowledge and support and evidence-based decision-making process of stakeholders.