A selection of recent publications developed in R&D and Innovation Projects. * Indicates authors who are AquaBioTech Group team members.

Peer-reviewed Papers

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  • Garcia-Vazquez, E., Georges, O.*, Fernandez, S. et al. (2021) eDNA metabarcoding of small plankton samples to detect fish larvae and their preys from Atlantic and Pacific waters. Sci Rep 11, 7224 DOI Link 
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  • Kyra Hoevenaars*, Ranka Junge, Tamas Bardocz* and Matej Leskovec (2018) EU policies: New opportunities for aquaponics, Ecocycles 4(1): 10-15 (2018) ISSN 2416-2140, DOI: 10.19040/ecocycles.v4i1.87
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