Research Development and Innovation Projects


Developing AI-based high precision detection technologies for assessment of environmental factors, modeling water quality, and classifying stress behaviour in juvenile fish in recirculating aquacu...

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Developing a thorough understanding on how CC will impact EU islands (REIS platform tool), ABT provided expert advice on impact, adaptation and mitigation for the Aquaculture industry and for the M...

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For the development of smart nanostructured layers for sensing corrosion in aquatic structures ABTLabs undertake toxicological and corrosion laboratory and field testing.

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Providing sustainable, innovative, cost effective and robust solution for water sanitation in aquaculture and irrigation Lake Victoria basin. RAS expertise design and construction.

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Tools for Assessment and Planning of Aquaculture Sustainability

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For the development of low-toxic cost-efficient environment-friendly antifouling materials ABT Labs conducted marine and aquatic toxicity tests of free compounds on marine organisms, anti-fouling e...

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Marine Investment for the Blue Economy

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Precise in situ measurement device for man-made chemical contaminants and biohazards (toxic microalgae, viruses & bacteria, biotoxins & PCBs) an early warning system in aquaculture and envi...

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Demonstrating innovative biomimetic Salvinia effect technology to create a passive air layer on marine surfaces, reducing fuel consumption and biofouling of ships, ABTMarine undertake lab and field...

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Interreg Italia-Malta project to valorise aquaculture wastes (tuna offal) in biotechnology for human health and Blue Growth. In partnership with UoM and DFA.

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Partner of the Malta EIT Climate-KIC Hub with Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology, moving towards net zero-carbon economy and fighting CC through innovation, community engagement, educati...

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Project Impact

Develops an infographic map of microplastic hotspots in the Maltese waters, a base-line study for microplastics, and raise community awareness on the issue of plastic pollution.

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