Market Research & Intelligence

AquaBioTech Group has a dedicated market research and intelligence team providing specialised services for clients ranging from industry stakeholders, associations, public bodies, development agencies and financial institutions. Market research and intelligence assessments are commissioned primarily serving the specific knowledge of the blue growth industry covering subjects from aquaculture and fisheries to fish health, nutrition, research, financing and trade facilitation processes.

Our portfolio includes a number of services including product surveys, regional support services, GIS based studies, business intelligence research, channel/ supply chain research, market sizing, and trade promotion preparedness studies. Complementary to market research and intelligence, AquaBioTech Group provides several business and coaching services ranging from business planning and market entry assistance to export coaching and institutional and human resource development. AquaBioTech Group ensures the legal and ethical collection and analysis of information whilst treating the data with the highest level of confidentiality and integrity.

Our international team, composed of skilled and experienced staff can provide access to valuable insight information of the markets. By working with local partners, we can provide accurate information and ensure data validation. Our team offers guidance in more than fifteen languages including but not limited to English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Polish, German, Dutch, Greek, Afrikaans, Arabic and Chinese. We work side by side with our clients to provide strategic guidance throughout the business development phase.



With an international team of staff, marketing assessments undertaken include a large variety of projects ranging from country / region specific assessments to product and product brand development & evaluation.

Assistance with the design of international marketing and sales is also provided in a variety of forms ranging from assessment and introduction to potential buyers, through to independent liaison between clients relating to trade agreements.

The transfer of technologies, products and services to different markets is a complex and often difficult process. Understanding the languages and business cultures is important and can facilitate the marketing and technology transfer process. Staff at AquaBioTech Group are recruited from various countries and their in-depth knowledge of technical, business and legislative aspects of the fisheries, aquaculture and the maritime industry. That allows them to provide clients with a service to effectively support their product. Market research may also be undertaken so as to determine the viability of a market and strategies created thus formulating an effective marketing & sales guide.