Hatcheries are a complex part of aquaculture and their design and operation is possibly the most difficult part of the aquaculture process. Careful thought and consideration must be placed in designing any new hatchery to ensure that an efficient and continuous production of fry is achieved. AquaBioTech Group offers several hatchery solutions ranging from small and medium-scale units to full-scale commercial hatcheries. Using our inhouse capabilities we have developed new techniques for improving hatchery production, efficiency and knowledge.

These designs include some of the very latest technologies that allow for partial or complete recirculation of the culture water. Hatchery projects are undertaken for a wide range of species from salmon and trout, through to Asian seabass and shrimp. In designing or upgrading any hatchery operation, the selection of the right technological components is essential for ensuring success. Location, economic circumstances and various other parameters have an impact on the final design of the facility and the level of the technology investment required.

AquaBioTech Group can assist clients in ensuring that their broodstock are managed properly with adequate nutrition and environmental control. Selective breeding programmes are also possible for a variety of species of fish. Live feed production, be it rotifers, copepods or artemia, are the fundamental basis of any hatchery feeding regime, but ensuring continuity and quality of this production is anything but easy. AquaBioTech Group is able to assist clients in preparing production protocols and strategies for continuous and batch culture of rotifers, as well as technically and practically supporting existing operations with site audits.

Broodstock control and management is a difficult, yet essential part of any hatchery operation. Ensuring that the broodstock deliver the quantity and quality of eggs required at the right time involves considerable planning and understanding of broodstock nutritional

requirements and environmental control. Broodstock selection is also another area of work that is becoming increasingly important as genetic mapping allows for a high degree of selective breeding to be undertaken.

AquaBioTech Group offers a range of services for hatcheries including:
  • Site Selection
  • Site Assessment
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)
  • Appropriate Assessment
  • Biosecurity Assessment
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Feasibility study and project budgeting
  • Conceptual planning using 3D CAD software
  • Full hatchery system design and bio-planning
  • Bill of Quantities (construction and technology selection)
  • Civil works design; structural, electrical & HVAC
  • Installation; third-party quality control
  • Commissioning and Technical Training
  • Technical and Biological Support
  • Remote and onsite technical and biological support
  • Operational and management support on existing hatcheries