Aquaculture Business Consulting

Feasibility Studies

For new developments, AquaBioTech Group can undertake a complete assessment for projects, including site selection, financial reviews, risk assessments and technical / non-technical surveys. For existing developments, AquaBioTech Group undertakes complete technical assessments and troubleshooting for a variety of on growing operations, developing detailed proposals for problem mitigation.

AquaBioTech Group also advises on regulatory control, infrastructure requirements, environmental issues and other matters necessary to ensure sustainable aquaculture development.

Due Diligence Audits

Technical, operational and financial due diligence audits are undertaken in conjunction with legal and finance auditing teams to assess the overall status of a potential aquaculture investment asset. AquaBioTech Group employs a unique approach based on extensive management expertise, market awareness and comprehensive technical knowledge of aquaculture operations to present detailed insight of an operation’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Risk Management Audits

For insurance purposes, project planning or as an internal exercise, risk management audits are an important tool to identify, assess and prioritise threats. AquaBioTech Group, combining multidisciplinary expertise in aquaculture operations can offer a complete approach to aquaculture risk management, utilising quantitative and qualitative methods to assess risks and recommend cost-efficient mitigation measures.

Specialists Audits

AquaBioTech Group is often called upon to execute specialist assessments for aquaculture projects. These audits are undertaken for entities such as insurance companies, financial institutions, corporate investors, development agencies and public, private and intergovernmental bodies for all sizes and types of aquaculture operations.

Business Planning

AquaBioTech Group has a team of business development expert that support the development of a sustainable business plan for the aquaculture entrepreneurs. Understanding the ins and outs of their business, from its core operations to its customer service. An analysis of the business and its external environment will help to drive business decisions and develop business strategies. In similar ways, investors, financial institutions and authorities require them to provide a comprehensive business plan in order to understand the concept behind the investment and to ensure the entrepreneur is well prepared. AquaBioTech Group has provided business plan preparation services for aquaculture projects for many years for a diverse range of projects.