Education and Training

As part of the service, AquaBioTech Group provide full technical training for the operational staff at newly built aquaculture facilities. This includes AquaBioTech Group experienced personnel instructing staff on how to operate the equipment on daily operations and in various other scenarios via a fully comprehensive set of SOPs and Technical Information (TIs) documentation as well as failure scenarios.

We also provide training on fish husbandry techniques to ensure that the facilities operate at top peak efficiency and the production or research targets are successfully met. Another feature of the technical training provided is how to use the most recent version of the monitoring system we provide as how to utilize all its features, including remote access from

digital devices and alarm call outs. Accompanying this is the remote support we provide to the operators for several years after completion to help overcome any problems faced and ensure the overall smooth operation and longevity of the facility.

Besides providing training for the projects we deliver; we also offer stand-alone training courses. We can provide tailor made training according to the needs of the project or business requirements.

Previous Training Courses included:
  • Recirculation Aquaculture Course
  • Biosecurity Course
  • Aquaponic Course
  • Aquaculture Business Mentoring Programme
  • Marine Biology Courses
  • Biofouling Training Course

If you are interested in any of the courses that AquaBioTech Group offers, please contact us on Below you can find a full list of courses we will be offering in the period 2022 – 2025.

  • Recirculation Aquaculture Courses
  • General Aquaculture Courses
  • Biosecurity Courses
  • Marine Surveying Courses
  • Other Online Courses