With almost twenty years of experience of RAS experimental research, with many different species of fish (and other aquatic animals) in our R&D facility in Malta, AquaBioTech Group has gained vast knowledge on fish nutrition, fish health, fish behaviour, and in-depth understanding of fish husbandry. As a result, AquaBioTech Group developed ExperiRAS™ which is customised to match client needs. The ExperiRAS™ system design is a result of the work of AquaBioTech Group’s engineers and architect, each offering a wide variety of skills, including mechanical engineering, industrial automation and wastewater treatment.

AquaBioTech Group remains unique in its field, providing solutions for a variety of aquatic projects from aquaculture development and environmental monitoring through, to technology innovation and support.

Recirculation system development within aquaculture has entered a new chapter, and AquaBioTech Group has been at the forefront of this technology for many years, having developed a number of highly efficient and cost-effective recirculation aquaculture systems for hatchery, broodstock and on-growing operations. Components of these systems are a result of many years of research and client feedback.

AquaBioTech Group ExperiRAS™ can be designed and operated for several different research purposes, including:
  • Nutritional trials
  • Ecotoxicity tests
  • Pathogen and parasite challenge tests
  • Vaccine and functional ingredient tests
  • Genetic traits studies
  • Fish behaviour studies
  • Shellfish depuration systems
  • Zebrafish experiments

To improve the quality of our client’s experimental research, all AquaBioTech Group ExperiRAS™ systems are equipped with a custom-designed Monitoring and Control.

System, with a wide variety of sensors, for measuring:
  • Water temperature
  • pH
  • Redox
  • Oxygen
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Salinity
  • TGP
  • Water level
  • Flow
  • Pressure