ABT Labs

ABT Labs offers a wide range of laboratory services at a multidisciplinary level including microbiology, water quality, fish diagnostics, ecology, marine biology, antifouling efficacy testing and aquatic ecotoxicology. Our laboratories are GLP & GMP certified and use various techniques such as bacteria isolation and growth, biological and chemical water samples quality, bioassays with a diverse range of model species, collection of fish biometric data and histological diagnosis.

Microbiological Research Services

  • Pathogens isolation, identification and banking of over 10 species
  • Bacterial Growth studies
  • Susceptibility testing (following ISO20776-1-2020)
  • Culture and purification of protists and other microorganisms cultures
  • Biological water quality monitoring (following ISO 19250-2010, ISO 7899-1-1999, ISO 6222-1999, ISO-9308-3-1999)
  • Fish diagnostics and Nutritional histopathology

Aquatic Ecotoxicology Research Services

ABT Labs offers a full tier I package of aquatic ecotoxicological testing of freshwater and marine species to GLP standards that are commonly required for the submission of chemical regulatory dossier:

  • Alga and Cyanobacteria, Growth Inhibition Test (OECD TG 201)
  • Invertebrates (OECD TG 202)
  • Fish (OECD TG 203. OECD TG 210)

Biofouling Research services

ABT Labs performs studies to assess the antifouling activity of active substances and antifouling products with:

  • Bacteria
  • Bryozoan, Hydrozoan
  • Barnacles and Mussels
  • Microalgae, Macroalgae