EuFish_SustainableGrowth Kick Off Meeting

AquaBioTech Group is proud to participate in the BlueBio ERA-NET Cofund project under the Research Priority Topic Sustainable exploration of the aquatic environment and biological resources.

The aim of EuFish_SustainableGrowth project is to focus on more sustainable fisheries management promoting the consumption of neglected fish materials and novel aquaculture feeds. Sustainable fisheries management is essential for the future health of our oceans. This process could assist marine ecosystems recovery from overfishing, helping oceans to play their beneficial role for climate and environment.

This is a multidisciplinary study of underutilised fish species with studies of ecology, biogeography, molecular species identification, microbiota composition, nutritional and sensorial properties, and chemical contamination. The expected outcome of the project is to encourage more responsible and sustainable fishing and to launch on the market new seafood and feed products achieving “zero waste”.

EuFish_SustainableGrowth intends to strengthen the economic and social development of European activities related to the fishing industry, with a respectful approach to biodiversity and environmental sustainability.

For most fish species only the fillets are currently utilized whereas the rest of raw materials are usually discarded during processing (e.g., skin, backbone). Some examples of species that fishermen treat as discard are Bogue (Boops boops), Horse mackerel (Trachurus trachurus) and Round sardinella (Sardinella aurita) that often return to the sea together with inedible, undersized or damaged organisms. Other fish species like Silver scabbardfish (Lepidopus caudatus) and Common dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus) are abundant and little known but may offer an alternative to the species most commonly consumed. Several of those species belong to the “blue fish” group and have excellent nutritional values, health properties, flavour and quality-price ratio.


AquaBioTech Group’s main tasks in the project include:

  • Bibliographic research to define and manage sustainable fish sampling
  • Literature review on fish species taxonomy, biology and biogeography
  • Sourcing locally underutilised fish from local geographies
  • Developing fish meal and extracts from underutilised waste products
  • Conducting feeding trials on meagre (Argyrosomus regius) in ABT Innovia’s Recirculating Aquaculture System

EuFish_SustainableGrowth is in accordance with the European objectives of the Blue Bioeconomy related to the careful exploitation of living marine biological resources through an ecosystem approach. In order to enhance the oceans untapped potential in terms of biological resources, it is necessary to implement a policy based on environmental sustainability and safety, with integrated lines of action, applicable along the entire seafood supply chain. More about the Blue Bio Cofund can be found on their page.


Partners on the project:

University of Naples Federico II, AquaBioTech Group Limited, Matis, Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, Brim hf, Grímur kokkur.