University of Malta’s Engineering Student Association (UESA) visits AquaBioTech Group 

Today, AquaBioTech Group welcomed University of Malta’s Engineering Student Association (UESA) to further increase exposure for future innovation and development in our Department of Systems and Control Engineering. Hoping to identify potential students for internships and the possibility to undertake joint projects whilst attracting exceptional local talent for our ever-evolving Career and Internship opportunities.      

AquaBioTech Group is an independent aquaculture, fisheries and marine environmental consulting, testing, research, and development company based in Malta, we started off the day with a company overview presented by Michele Gallo – Head of Aquatic Research Facilities Design. He was able to offer insights into our various departments and ongoing projects with the Group’s long-standing history in aquaculture and involvement spanning globally across many sectors.  

In addition, the students were given an in-depth overview on the development of our Recirculation Aquaculture System (RAS) and from a technical design and implementation perspective Vuk Kocic – Monitoring and Control / Automation Engineer discussed the main components of automation and control that we use in our RAS systems, including automation of various processes such as feeding solutions and farming optimisation.   Iven Bonnici – Project & Design Engineer provided a tour of our engineering department which allowed the students to see how we design these RAS systems, including a few examples of on-going RAS projects we are involved in.  


Ending off the visit with a guided tour of our Innovia facilities, an independent division of the AquaBioTech Group which includes more than 30 testing bays for fish health and nutritional studies. The licensed and biosecure aquatic research facility offers standardised and tailor made aquatic and aquaculture research for our international clients. Students were able to see a typical RAS system in function and had a general overview of the licensed aquatic facility and laboratories, including lab and wet labs in practice.