Training & Placement

The AquaBioTech Group offers student training placements lasting from 3 to 12 months.


The AquaBioTech Group actively encourages students and post-graduates to undertake training sessions at our company so as to gain valuable practical, applied and hands-on experience. Many of the past students that have undertaken placements within the various companies of the AquaBioTech Group have linked their training to EU or state funded training sessions.


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Students interested to apply for a position are encouraged to do so early due to limited availability of places.


Available Internships :

  • - Marketing and Business Development
  • - Administrative Assistant
  • - Graphic Design
  • - Web Development
  • - Market Research Analyst
  • - Video Producing

Research and development

  • - Aquaculture technician
  • - Maintenance Internship
  • - Engineering
  • - Electrical Engineer and Maintenance
  • - Fish Health and Microbiology
  • - Scientific writing in biology/ecotoxicology/environmental sciences
  • - Laboratory QA & QC
  • - OHS internship
  • - Marine Research Assistant and Technician
  • - Water Quality Research and Development


To apply for any of these positions check the Apply page.