Phosphorus digestibility and retention in sea bream

Diets for fish are changing in this sense that less fish meal is used, being replaced by vegetal protein sources. Contrary to fish meal vegetal protein contains only low levels of phosphorus, therefore, fish diets nowadays have to be supplemented with inorganic feed phosphates.

Inorganic feed phosphates contain both a high level of total and digestible P. The digestibility of different phosphates is however not the same, as it appears that digestibility greatly depends on product solubility. Therefore, Aliphos has carried out several trials over the years to show the effectiveness of its feed grade mono-ammonium phosphate* (hereafter called ‘MAP’). In most cases, the trials involved salmonids (trout and salmon). As information was still lacking for other fish species, Aliphos has now undertaken a new trial with sea bream. The phosphorus retention and digestibility trial with sea bream (Sparus Aurata) was carried out by AquaBioTech in Malta. It tested the effectiveness of MAP over monocalcium phosphate** (hereafter called ‘MCP’) with this species.

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