Blue Horizon: Aquaculture podcast

Today our business development director George D. Mantas represented AquaBioTech on the Blue Horizon Aquaculture podcast, an hour dedicated to the ocean and the Blue Economy. Joining us on this journey are the European Aquaculture Society, COISPA Tecnologia & Ricerca and Acquario di Genova!

In “Business & Innovation” we will talk to AquaBioTech Group, one of the most important companies in Europe in the aquaculture sector. Thanks to George Mantas, business development director of the Maltese company, we will get to know the sector from the point of view of a consulting firm. We will understand what are the requests coming from producers and those who want to invest in the sector; we will analyse the role of recirculating plants in the production of shrimps, and we will see how aquaculture could become totally independent from the fishing industry when it comes to feed ingredients.

Read more on the Blue Horizon article and listen to the podcast