Akosombo Zone Fish Farmers Association of Ghana Visit

On April 18th and 19th, AquaBioTech Group had the privilege of hosting a delegation from the Akosombo Zone Fish Farmers Association (AZOFFA) of Ghana.

During the visit, our Research, Development, and Innovation Department showcased our projects in East Africa, specifically highlighting the VicInAqua, FoodLAND Africa, and PrAEctiCe projects, illustrating how these initiatives could be applied in Ghana and the Akosombo zone. Following the presentations, our experts conducted a workshop to identify research needs for aquaculture in Ghana and discussed the challenges facing fish farming in the region. The delegation also conducted a survey on common Integrated Aquaculture/Agriculture practices in Ghana to support stakeholder engagement in the PrAEctiCe Project. Numerous areas for potential research collaborations were explored, emphasising our commitment to promoting aquaculture development and supporting local infrastructure and skills.

On Day 2 of the visit, the focus shifted to technical demonstrations of Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) processes and design. Members of our engineering team led a workshop to develop an optimal system design to address the challenges in Tilapia production in Ghana, aiming to enhance disease control, improve fingerling quality, maximize production, and utilise local materials effectively. Additionally, discussions centred on strategies for localising aquafeed production to reduce import dependency in Ghana, including utilising underutilised local resources such as Azolla and agricultural biproducts for insect meal production. AquaBioTech Group offered its expertise in feed formulation and nutritional testing to assist members of AZOFFA in developing their own aquafeeds, improving the overall efficiency and sustainability of aquaculture in Ghana.

Furthermore, vocational training programs were explored, with plans for future visits by AZOFFA members facilitated by ABTG to promote knowledge sharing and operational skills development for RAS. The day concluded with a tour of the Innovia research facilities, providing firsthand demonstrations on RAS operation and maintenance to further support the delegation’s learning experience.