General Description


AquaBioTech Marine Services


ABT Marine is a part of the AquaBioTech Group, and as an independent marine hydrographic survey firm, we offer a broad range of capabilities in survey, construction support, precise positioning and project management within the marine industry. We cover a wide range of disciplines relating to marine data acquisition, key areas of expertise include:


• Risk assessments
• Precise positioning (surface & subsea)
• Underwater GIS and Remote Sensing
• Pre-construction site investigations
• Oceanographic surveys
• Hydrographic and mooring surveys
• Geophysical & sub-bottom profiling surveys
• Subsea inspection (ROV, drop-down camera systems)  

• Geotechnical surveys (vibrocore, grab)
• Swathe Surveys Magnetometer
• Sidecan sonar multibeam surveys
• Environmental surveys (trawling, benthic)
• Hydrographic survey support
• Seabed Classification
• Resource Recovery
• Marine Heritage / Archaeology Services