Aquariums & Ornamentals


The AquaBioTech Group is a leading independent aquatics, consulting and development company operating on a global scene. The company has been involved in a variety of projects relating to ornamental aquaculture ranging from sustainable fish collection to coral and liverock culture.


ABT Aquatics has wide ranging experienced consultants specializing in all engineering, husbandry and technical aspects. We are aware of the importance of the dialogue between client and provider, and are consequently dedicated to providing excellent consultation. The main areas of work undertaken by the company ranges from initial feasibility studies, outline planning with concept development, architectural & structural design with engineering, filtration and Life Support System (LSS) development, through to livestock supply, management support and turnkey operations. Our in-house experts have extensive networks of contacts covering all manner of possibilities allowing for the successful execution of aquarium projects. Our team of biologists also provide training for aquarium staff and continual support ranging from veterinarian and pathology, through to nutrition and breeding programmes.


The AquaBioTech Group is also called upon to undertake a variety of specialist assessments and audits for entities such as insurance companies and feed manufacturers, as well as banking / financial institutions and private / corporate investors.


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ABT Aquatics

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Feasibility Studies & Due-Diligence

Before designing any aquarium project it is essential to understand the reasons why the aquarium is to be built and what it aims to achieve. The purpose of an aquarium can vary from a fully commercial operation, through to purely educational establishments. All of the ancillary aspects of an aquarium, such as cafes, restaurants and gift shops also require correct planned ensuring a successful facility. We offer full range of feasibility studies to our clients prior to any scale of aquarium project development.

Planning & Concept

Evolving from the initial concept designs that form the basis of the aquarium design, the individual aquaria need to tell their own story as part of the entire project. This is an opportunity not only to thrill the public with nature’s wonders, but also to inform and educate them of current scientific discoveries and ecologically significant information. ABT Aquatics is capable of providing initial outline planning to full scale design concept for exhibit to our clients with support from our extensive in-house and associated experts.

Management Support

Management support comes in many forms and stages of a project. We offer project supervision, including architectural construction overseeing and exhibit designs / commissioning. Our team of biologists also offers training for the aquarium staff and continual support ranging from veterinarian and pathology, through to nutrition and breeding programmes.

Life Support Systems

Research undertaken by our sister company ABT Innovia has developed some of the most advanced and cost effective filtration solutions available on the market today. Filtration modules from 2 – 20,000 m3 are available, as well as custom-designed solutions. Full design and commissioning of all aspects of LSS are undertaken.